Carnival coming to town


You’re Invited to a Carnival to open at 12 noon SLT on Sunday, July 1st and remain open to the public the whole week!

Clarrington Enterprises is proud to present a fine Carnival for the enjoyment of the people of Berlin and visitors to our beautiful city. Enjoy rides, amusements, and attractions, as well as complimentary items from Clarrington’s Bakery, Clarrington Apotheke, Clarrington Blumenhandler, and Clarrington Liquor & Cheese.

The event will be held on the football field behind the Schloss Museum. To get there from the train station, make a right turn as you exit the station and another right when you come to the news stand. From there, walk up the road towards the church and you will see the dazzeling gates to bring you into a wonderland of color, amusement, and excitement!

Enjoy a classic 1920s carnival that honors an amusement park that existed in the real city of Berlin! From the bumper cars to the Sideshow oddities and the startling Spook House, Clarrington’s Summer Carnival ! Play games or ride the Carousel. Stick around for the big sticky pie fight! Kissing Booth! Motorcycle Race! So much more to be announced!

Most of all, have fun!

– Morganic Clarrington, Host


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