SL9B: 1920s Berlin project celebrates 9 years of Second Life


On the  18th of june the virtual online world of Second Life is celebrating its 9th birthday.

As part of the celebrations a large group of volunteers has organised a huge event called ‘SL9B’.
Across several regions several selected sims, groups and organisations, were invited to build displays to show their vision of this years theme; Community.

The 1920s Berlin Project takes part in the celebrations by recreating the atmosphere in our sim right there in our own little parcel.
The theme suits us very well, we are one of the most successful Historical Roleplay sims out there and we have to thank our amazing and unique community spirit for that.

To give visitors to SL9B the chance to experience a little of what our sim has to offer, we recreated a little square with some of the sims buildings.
Come join us for a coffee in Cafe Elektric, learn about our amazing community at the Berlin Archives, see how kids are taught at the school, explore a tiny room of a poor person or join us at Der Keller for a drink, dance and chat every day at 2pm PDT.

During the SL9B celebrations we will be organising little gatherings here, we look forward to meeting you and giving you a taste of Berlin, 1929.

The link below will take you to our parcel that will be accessible for as long as the event is open to the public;
18th June 11am SLT till 27th June 2012.

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