Orphanage opens in 1920s Berlin, kids welcome!



Because of the war but also general poverty and the many who suffer from the Reales Vita virus, more and more children find themselves without parents or legal guardians.
Sometimes for a short time, sometimes for ever.
These children wander our streets, sleep under bridges and often end up being involved with crime, drugs and prostitution.

The Alexanderplatz Waisenhaus takes care of those who need or help the most.
It looks after the orphans in a homely setting.
But it also welcomes children who are without someone to look after them temporarily.
It often happens that one of the parents dies or gets sick and the other has to work and has no time to look after the children for a short time.

Children in Berlin can be taken to Alexanderplatz 5, where frl Sabri Christy will look after them.
Children without parents are allowed to stay for free, they get a bed, a chest and food, paid for by generous donations from the public.
Children with parents can stay as well but if possible their parents will have to pay for them.
Orphans can be adopted.

At the orphanage children get looked after well, they get to play the piano, are send to school, church and the bath house.

Unfortunately, at this time, we can not give children any prims, but in the future we may offer orphans several prims to spend if they live at the orphanage.

For more questions, please contact;

Sabri Christy (sabriel.warwillow)
Alexanderplatz Waisenhaus
Alexanderplatz 5, Berlin

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