Summer in Berlin exhibit


Texas Library Association & 1920s Berlin Project present:

“Summer in Berlin”

An exciting exhibit weaving real life history with Second Life recreations to present a glimpse into Weimar Berlin.

June 1 – August 31st 2012

Our excellent 1920s Berlin Project archivists, Sein Loire and Zoe Foodiboo, have collaborated with librarians from the Texas Library Association to present a summery vignette of the day-to-day lives of Berliners in Weimar Germany.

Come and enjoy a sausage roll & lemonade in the park, watch ‘Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis’ in the cinema, read oral history interviews of Pola Solo, Wachtmeister Danitz, and Morganic Clarrington in the archive, take in a Kirchner exhibition at the gallery, see historical photographs from the German Federal Archive, and more!

A great way to get a glimpse of what you can experience in the 1920s Berlin Project sim with out having to obey dress code or roleplay rules.

You can find the exhibit here;

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