See the Graf Zeppelin Airship in Second Life


For our 3rd anniversary we have been unvealed a 1:1 scale replica of the LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin Airship in our sim, it is HUGE.

It is almost as long as a full region is wide!

And she even is flyable!

Is she perhaps the largest flyable object in SL?

Well maybe one of them anyway!

Made by the talented Aamira Aeon, the airship is exclusive to our sim.

Normally you are only allowed in our sim if you are a realistic avatar wearing 1920s clothing.

But because of our anniversary, for 24 hours only, we open the sim up to everyone.

More about that here;

So this is your chance to come see the one of a kind Airship in SL without having to change your clothes or avatar.

Come to 1920s Berlin, get on the train, at station Alexanderplatz turn right and keep going straight ahead till you enter the next region.

Or ask any locals the way.

We MAY take her up for a little flying, but I’m not promising anything.

She is so huge, it is difficult to fly her anywhere hehee.

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