Open Door Day in 1920s Berlin


Because of our 3rd anniversary, the 1920s Berlin Project is opening her doors to the public.

Normally we have a strict 1920s dress code
We ask our visitors to look and act like someone who belongs on the streets of 1920s Berlin to create a authentic historical atmosphere for everyone.
This means that unrealistic looking avatars and people who rather not change into 1920s clothing, rarely get a chance to explore our sim.

But on june 2nd 1929, ehm 2012, we are canceling our dress code for 24 hours.
This is your chance to come and have a look in our sim, make photos, take part in the celebrations or just satisfy your curiosity.
And just because of this day, some of our tenants have even opened their doors to their private residences, go and see how the people of Berlin live!
You can find these apartments by the big red signs above their front doors.

Special events today are;
At noon PDT: Party at the bath house, swim, drink, smoke and dance!
At 2 PDT: The infamous Eldorado Club has another wild night planned with performers on stage, DJ Myron Byron playing some swell tunes and a Best Drag outfit contest with prizes!
So girls come as boys, boys come as girls!
Of course cross dressing is voluntarily…

You can find the 1920s Berlin Project here;

PS: Because we are a PG sim we will not allow people to walk around naked, of course we will also not allow people to harass, bother or grief others.
We consider the wearing of Nazi uniforms or Nazi related behaviour as griefing.

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