Fruehling in Berlin!


Frl Morales in need of pruning

It may be Fruehling in Berlin, but was it the seasonal good weather that had gentlemen dabbing at their foreheads and loosening their collars and ladies languorously peering from behind their fans at the Eldorado, or could it have been the sizzling sight of our own Frl Morales bedecked only in a handful of spring blooms? Rumour has it that several pairs of pruning sheers were confiscated at the door, whilst a number of gentlemen have found their interest in gardening rekindled – even those apartment-dwellers whose window boxes long ago gave up the ghost. What on earth will Frl Morales find to wear when the summer weather arrives and things really hot up? Watch this space.

As usual, our superstar was ably supported by Max ‘Babymaker’ Beckert on Piano when she returned later to serenade us with a short set of delightful songs. DJ Myron Byron once more proved himself to be the best in the business, and a good time was had by all. And no, that is not a further reference to Max!

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