Blood flows trough the streets of Berlin


The Berlin Police has made the following announcement;

Since 1928 all public open air gatherings of political nature have been forbidden.

The KPD demanded the right to march trough the city, they were not given this permission even though they have been telling people they had.

On may 1st we noticed large groups of people moving towards the center of the city, carrying banners and flags.

People were ordered several times to return to their homes, that the gatherings were illegal and that force would be used.

In several parts of the city the police was attacked.

On Friedrichstrasse a large group of Communists marched towards Unter den Linden where innocent civilians were shopping, visiting the hotel, drinking coffee, etc.

Police was ordered by the city council to stop the communist horde from reaching Unter den Linden.

The group on Friedrichstrasse was ordered to return home.

At this time A general state of emergency was announced.

In stead of obeying the police orders and respecting the demand for order in our city, this group of wild angry people looking for trouble charged the police, jumping over the barricades and attacking police officers.

During this fight the police used their truncheons to try and beat these savages back into Friedrichstrasse even though they had been given permission by Berlin Police President Karl Friedrich Zörgiebel to use their guns if crowds did not follow orders.

As long as they could the police refrained from opening fire as they noticed children amongst the agitators.

But suddenly a shot was fired, at this moment it is not quite clear who fired the shot but police, army and navy had not received permission to shoot yet.

Soon several police officers reported hearing bullets hitting near them.

The decision was made to open fire at the crowd, but only over their heads.

But still the crowd kept attacking the officers, during these fights bystanders were hit by bullets.

As innocent bystanders, medical personnel and police officers were now directly at danger, the order was given to open fire at anyone who posed a threat.

Several people were shot and killed, a number of police officers received wounds.

After a short time the police regained control over the barricades.

The state of emergency has been prolonged, people are ordered not to go out in groups of more then 3 and obey all orders given by police, army or navy.

We are sure that the city will be totally under control within a few days.

We want to thank the medical staff of Alexanderplatz Hospital for their brave work.

Law abiding citizens have been sending the police signs of gratitude.

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