Berlin Book Club has started!


Today the Inaugural meeting of the Berlin-Buchgemeinschaft took place at the Cafe Elektric at Unter Der Linden.

Berlin residents from all walks of life and all ages arrived and took advantage of the Kaffee and Kuchen that the cafe specialised in before settling down to discuss the title of our first read. The girls Lulu and Eva were rushed off their feet with our orders but did sterling work supplying the thirsty readers.

After much friendly debate that even the children joined in with we decided to choose a themed book set in Berlin during a dark time: ‘Goodbye to Berlin’ by Christopher Isherwood. Although written slightly later we felt it was a good introduction to Berlin, allowing those who have been too busy to pick up a book to dip back into reading again, and give those who devour books a new title in a new genre that they have never thought about reading before. As from next month our choice will be strictly 1929 or earlier.

We shall meet once a month to discuss the latest book choice, and encourage members of the group to suggest new titles for us of publications pre 1929. The next meeting will take place in the Offentliche Bibliothek, date to be confirmed via group message. It is also planned for some German poetry reading to take place.

We have set up an online bookgroup where more information can be found about our book-choices, and active discussion is encouraged! Please join us and share your views, good or bad.

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