New public bath opened in 1920s Berlin!


On march the 24th 1929 the old neglected bath house on Friedrichstrasse was completely rebuild and upgraded to 1920s standards.
And a new and improved Volksbad was opened.
These buildings are very important to neighbourhoods as ours as they are more then just a swimming pool for sports and leisure.
Most people who live here don’t have a bathroom in their house or even the building they live in.
Many don’t even have a toilet.
So the Volksbad is a place where people go to wash and get clean… but also have fun!

So, welcome at Volksbad Friedrichstrasse!
In the lobby you buy your token and choose if you’re going upstairs for a bath in a private cubicle, or if you want to go swim in the big pool.
Upstairs you simply enjoy a proper bath in private or visit the gallery to look at the swimmers below.
If you want to go for a sim, you change in one of the dressing rooms (we have free swimsuits), take a shower (this is compulsory) and you’re ready to enjoy the fresh water.
If you want to go for a swim, touch the swimstone by the steps.

And have you found the Turkish Steam room yet?

Every saturday at noon slt we have bath hour for a special group; kids, women only, etc.

You can find a few photo’s of the new building here in Herr Flickr’s Collection.

Touch this stone to swim in the pool.

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