Bath hour for nudists in 1920s Berlin!


The Reichsverband für Freikörperkultur has received permission to organise a special closed bathing hour just for nudists at the Bath house on Friedrichstrasse on Saturday the 10th at noon.

Only nudists will be allowed, a lifeguard will be on duty.
Nudism will be strictly banned before or after this hour.
You may only use the pool after use of the shower.

Any kind of indecent behaviour will result in a phone call to the police.
People on roofs around the bath house will be ordered to go back indoors.
People on roofs with binoculars will be arrested.

In 1920s Germany Nudism was very popular, parks beaches and even public bath houses and pools were used by them.
It was such a big part of the 1920s in Germany that we think it also belongs in our sim.
More about this subject here;örperkultur
There are pictures of naked people on that page.

We know that there are people who are not comfortable with nakedness in SL and that people may also have a problem with nudity in the presence of child avatars.
To avoid this children will not be allowed in the bath house during this hour.
We suggest that people who know that they do not want to see other avatars naked, also stay away from the area during this hour.

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