Police station in Berlin improved


The old police station has been replaced by another old police station.
It has a more complicated and authentic look then the previous version.

It now also has the official name of Polizeirevier 65, the same police station as mentioned in the excellent German movie ‘Asphalt’ from 1929, the year our sim is situated in.
A dramatic story about the affair between a cop and a thief.
You can see this movie online here; www.youtube.com/watch?v=10peez4xUVs

Today Polizeirevier 65 is the place where Oberwachtmeister Danitz works, keeping Berlin safe from criminals, trouble makers and griefers.
He stated that he is verry happy with the improved building and would make sure plenty of people would enjoy its function as a “guest house”.

The station with right a screenshot from the movie 'Asphalt'

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