Save on prims usage without deleting any!


Thanks to the introduction of mesh prims there is now a way to make your prims count as only half a prim!

You may have noticed that Berlin now has 1000 free prims, not that long ago we were down to 200 prims… and I have not deleted one single prim, the opposite is true, I have created new buildings and rezzed a few cars… yet we have more free prims now!

You too can cut down on prims, we know that especially in the poorer side of our community, there is always a shortage of prims, so this handy little ‘trick’ can help you free up a few.

This all may sound a bit daunting and complicated, but it isn’t and even if it was, it would be worth it!

Imagine having only 25 prims to use in your apartment, you could double this to 50!

I will try and explain this in a very basic way so even those of us who have never used the build or edit window can follow this.

We are going to link and change the Physics Shape Type of our objects.

I will be using the Phoenix viewer so it may work a little different in your viewer.

Important; You can only use this trick on basic prims, so al though you can try it with other types of prims (mesh, sculpt, with scripts inside, etc), be careful, it may actually count the objects as more prims or the objects stop working the way you want them.

Before you start experimenting, make sure you have a copy of your items in your inventory.

In this example we combine two basic prims, they are pictures on our wall.

They do not have any scripts, just simple prims with a texture on them.

Right click one of the pictures and choose ‘Edit’ from the menu, the edit window should open.

Now hold he shift key on your keyboard and select the other picture, both should now be selected.

You are working on 2 prims, so not surprisingly, they are counted as 2 prims.

You can see this in your edit window at the right side, it should say “selected objects: 2, primitives; 2 (2)”.

This tells us that your object is 2 prims and is counted as 2 prims, or it has a Land Impact Score of 2.

Land impact sort of explains how much your object is demanding from our region, or the LL server.

Simple prims have a lower LIS thena complicated mesh prim with scripts and particles inside.

Lets go and tell the LL server that our prims are just very basic innocent prims.

In the edit window click the object tab, if you don’t see it you are probably looking at the small version edit window, find the small blue button with two arrows pointing to the right and click it.

You should now see many more options.

Find the Object tab, click it and find the ‘link’ button.

When you click this button the two prims are now connected, what you do to one, you do to the other.

After you click it you see the prim count change already, it now says “Selected objects: 1, Primitives; 2(2)”.

So it now counts as 1 object… but still uses 2 prims.

Next we click the Features tab, find the Phycis Shape type drop down menu.

This tells the LL servers how they should count the LIS, right now it should say “Prim”, of course our two prims are prims, but because they are simple and empty, they should get a lower LIS.

So lets change this to ‘Convex Hull’.

Look at the prim count; “Selected objects 1, Primitives 1(1).

Yes you still have two prims but they now count as 1!

You can do this to large groups of linked prims, even entire buildings.

Please remember that your prim counter (situated in hour house number sign) doesn’t work constantly, it checks your prims every couple of minutes.

So you may want to wait a little if you don’t see any change in your prim count.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Jo. I have tried it and it does work 🙂
    I have sent a link for this Blog to the Antiquity group as you explain it so much better than I can.

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