Gams Galore at the Eldo!


The winner sitting atop Max's instrument

Gams Galore!

The Eldorado, February 11th, and a riotous evening was had by all as the inaugural Men’s Leg Contest took place before an audience of swooning women and the odd envious male.

Proprietress Sonatta Morales, Frau Dora Duchamp-Mills, who came up with the original idea for the contest, and hostesses Vera Le Blanc and Alice Viatruso were looking their usual beautiful selves, but this was an evening for the men to shine, and shine they did! Sein Loire, Aldo Mills, Dr Crispin Sturges, Paul von Trumper, Max Beckert and mystery man Desmond strutted their stuff most enticingly on the Eldorado stage, drawing gasps of admiration from the throng of swooning females present, and at one stage it seemed as if Dr Sturges might have to put his medical skills to good use as admiration threatened to spill over into hysteria.

When the dust had settled, the ever popular Sein Loire emerged triumphant, narrowly heading off Dr Sturges, but there could be no losers in such a wonderful competition, and as Frau Duchamp-Mills put it, “You all have a lot of balls to come up here and show us your legs!”

The competition was great fun, and a special mention should be made of the efforts of Frau Dora to make this the success that it was. L$3,000 goes to the sim thanks to the contributions from a great audience!

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