Great documentary about the wild side of RL Berlin


This rather lovely Canadian documentary was brought to my attention by our very own fraulein Sonatta Morales.

It is called “Legendary Sin Cities” and was made in 2005 for Canadian Television.

For over 40 minutes we are shown a glimpse of the dark, erotic and very very free side of 1920s Berlin.

Sex, homosexuality, prostitution, cabaret, drugs, it is all mentioned … and shown!

So be prepared.

If you are an old fashioned old lady like me, be prepared to be shocked.

But the documentary also shows how the Nazi’s were not tolerated much in our beloved city and why the city was so ‘sinful’.

It will give you an insight into the background of our sim, a greater understanding and perhaps it may even make you want to wear clothes of the opposite sex 😉


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  1. Simply GREAT!! :))
    More for the summary of art, music, culture and anthropology of everyday life, than for the sex machines and naked ppl (also interesting, however 😉 !
    The contrast with nazi scenes is shocking!

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