NEW (yet old) building in 1920s Berlin


Brand new (yet old) building opened to the public.

This is a typical late 19th century, sometimes called an ‘Kaserne’, the German word for Barracks.
The building is small, narrow stairs lead to small single room apartments with low ceilings.
These rooms have no sinks, no kitchens, no bathroom.
Entire families lived in those small spaces that were often drafty, noisy and damp.
Children spend most of their days playing in the streets, the parents working on hanging in the stairwell chatting.

The entire building could house 6 families, you can imagine the quality of life in such a place.
Especially the poorest who lived in the basement rooms.
There are two small rooms partially below street level.
Even darker and especially damper then the other floors.
And they all share one old fashioned toilet…

But families like this would often also be very close and friendly, they had no choice!
And for the kids there were of course always friends to play with or something to see.

This building can now be found next to the infamous Eldorado bar.

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