Asphalt (1929) – the new movie at the Asta Film palast


A brand new movie is playing at the Asta Film Palast on Unter den Linden!

Asphalt (1929) is a German silent film. The film was one of the last silent films released in Germany as the world was entering the era of sound film.

It is about a well-dressed lady thief (Betty Amann) who steals a precious stone from a jewellery shop. The aged jeweller prefers to let the young woman go, but the policeman who catches her explains he is obliged to pursue the case further. She tries to seduce the policeman (Gustav Fröhlich), and he gradually succumbs to her charms, but her criminal background dooms their relationship when an argument leads to…

You can actually see this movie inside a cinema within The 1920s Berlin project.

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