Moonlight Sonatta at the Eldorado


Moonlight Sonatta

The Eldo in all its glory

Another great Saturday night and Sunday morning at the Eldorado, with Frl Morales looking quite dazzling as she presented to an eager audience her ‘Moonlight Sonatta’ show. Do we really need guest performers when we have a talent like Frl Morales’s to enjoy? Of course, Frl Morales is the happy result of a liaison between an English woman and a Spanish gentleman of royal blood. Her performances are never less than majestic, and the presence of Czech representative of Interpol late in the evening most assuredly had nothing to do with her rather swift exit. Apparently satisfied that no-one in the Eldorado had even heard of La Chabanais, he eventually left and was later seen floating in the Spree with both his legs broken.

As the after-show champagne and cocaine flowed, so did the gossip, much of it focusing on the paternity of a new baby born to a tenant on Friedrichstrasse, with Oberwachtmeister Danitz a prime candidate for father, though apparently the baby favours Herr Max Beckert, the notoriously switch-hitting pianist at the Eldorado. Then again, most babies do.

If the efforts of Madame Orlando to raise Herr Mo Galewarden’s spirits are anything to go by, Berlin could be celebrating another birth in nine months.

So, a typical Eldorado evening, and long may it continue!

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