NEW (yet old) building in 1920s Berlin


Totally unexpected (thanks to two sleepless nights) I decided to rebuild one of the old buildings in Berlin.

The two under one roof houses had not been changed much since we moved from our old sim and they somehow didn’t fit the new neighbourhood.

I build them as nice houses near the better areas of Berlin, across from the old football field.

And now they were stuck right in the middle of the poor slums of our city.

So I decided to turn them into one of those typical ‘Hofs’ or court yards.

Trough big doors at Althaus Gasse (Old House Alley) you enter a shared hall and stairwell, this is accessible to everyone.

From there you can enter the apartments or keep going and enter the court yard.

Here women did the washing, children played, dads repaired bicycles.

It is shared by everyone in the building.

There are 6 apartments, although (at the moment) only two of those are being used by tenants.

But I hope you can imagine the smell and sounds of 6 families living here.

New building in Berlin

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