Cabaret Americana Returns!


It's huge!

Tonight, an appreciative audience at the Odeon saw the return of our beloved Alice and Vera, also known as Cabaret Americana.

They began by regaling us with tales of their recent visit to Paris, including Alice’s encounter with a man in a public washroom who gave her 50 francs. Along the way, there was the usual assortment of dazzling magic tricks, with Alice as always the hapless victim of Vera’s wizardry. This section included a memorable summoning of spirits from the underworld, the conjuring of a tree root which completely enclosed the blonde half of the act, and finally the producing from a large crate of an enormous elephant which a slightly worse for wear Alice found herself perching precariously atop.

It wouldn’t have been a Cabaret Americana show without the ‘Dirty Lies’ section, a series of scandalous tales involving the misdeeds of various Berliners. Then, to close the show, the girls were joined on stage for a dance by Frau Dora Mills, who hopefully has not allowed herself to believe that her sporting behaviour will spare her from a mention the next time Cabaret Americana is in town.

Let’s hope that’s sooner rather than later!

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