Famous Margot Lion & Champagne Rain perform, dog sled races rule the streets


Saturdays are always very exciting in Berlin.

Most people don’t have to work or are allowed to go home after only a morning at the office or in the factory.

People go for a walk in the afternoon, have a drink at Cafe Elektric, go shopping and try to be seen while socializing with their neighbours.

Because the city is covered in thick snow and ice, Herr Clarrington, from Clarrington Enterprises, organised a fantastic dog sled race!

Several streets downtown were blocked off from traffic, strong dogs imported from cold Nordic countries and good sturdy sleds were provided to some of Berlin’s more daring citizens who then raced trough our well known streets.

It was a very exciting race, eventually won by Elvina Merricks.

Elvina Merricks receives the prize from Herr Clarrington, photo by Frau Chesnokova.

In the evening the famous frl Champagne Rain performed at a packed Odeon.

Once more many people were absolutely stunned by her amazing voice and musical talents.

A fantastic show of one of SL’s most talented artists.

Unfortunately we have no pictures of this performance as we were too thrilled to remember to bring our camera.

Every saturday evening in Berlin is exciting, it has to be, this is Berlin 1929!

The cultural center of the world!

The best way to celebrate the exciting liberal times we live in is of course the Eldorado.

Where everyone can be who they want to be, where rules and laws are surrendered at the front door and where you can bump into bohemians, artists, the rich, the poor and the famous.

This night the well known Cabaret Singer Margo Lion performed for us.

She sang some fantastic songs and the audience was very excited.


Margo Lion, SL & RL

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