Mesh comes to 1920s Berlin!


You may have noticed that we have a big ‘NO MESH’ sign at the teleport area, we did this because many of us do not use a Mesh enabled viewer yet, there is nothing made with mesh in Berlin and with the busy last couple of weeks of 1928, we were a bit busy with other stuff.

But now the new year has begun we have to get ready to move on.
I know that many of you are not looking forward to this, mesh viewers still have some glitches, we are used to some of our old viewers, we just don’t care about mesh or we have computers that can barely manage SL as it is on the old viewers.

Nevertheless, we have to move on.
And I’ll tell you why.
I myself did not care much for mesh and am also on a computer that has trouble even running the old viewers.
But I know that we have to move along and after doing some research into Mesh, I’m actually excited about it and looking forward to this next phase in the history of Berlin.

Mesh is already in SL, all around us and has been sneaking into our city already.
There isn’t much 1920s Mesh stuff available, that is why we may not have noticed much of it yet.
But this will soon change.
Mesh is coming and that is a good thing.

It means that we have to get used to Mesh viewers, that may not be what some of you want but there really is no escaping this.
I’ve heard that the V1 viewers are scheduled to slowly become obsolete as parts that make it useable will be turned off or no longer be updated.
But Mesh will also make life in Berlin better, so it will be worth moving along.

One of the important changes to Berlin will be that when I start rebuilding objects in mesh that they will be using less prims.
And less prims needed to build Berlin means more prims to make Berlin even better and perhaps even more for you to use in your apartments!
Further more it will mean that these items look better.
You as an individual will soon be able to wear mesh made clothing.
That may not mean much to you yet, but it may excite you a bit more after you seen this video;

In Berlin, we are a more realistic size. This sometimes makes clothes look weird on us. While mesh clothing is not yet able to be resized, as you see from the above video, it is being worked on.

We have decided, however, that since the basic mesh viewers are now better and more people can use them, we will allow mesh. We’re all looking forward to the resize capabilities, though!

When 1930 finally comes to Berlin, you may not recognize it, better looking buildings, more prims, nicer clothes… maybe even less lag…
Who know!
But Mesh is part of this and it is time for us to come along.

So from NOW on, Mesh is welcome in Berlin and we’re asking you all to move along to a Mesh enabled viewer.
Good news is that even good old Phoenix now has a Mesh version!

You may start seeing objects that look weird, like unrezzing sculpts, you may see people with invisible parts or wearing big blobs and boxes.
This is all Mesh.
And the only way to keep seeing things the way they should be, is getting yourself a Mesh viewer.

To show you how Mesh will look in Berlin I have just placed our very first Mesh object in berlin.
Go visit our old deaf Cordelia, behind Alexanderplatz Bahnhof.
You know her old street organ that she has been playing for ages.
I have put a Mesh version right next to it.
Look at the quality and how many prims it uses, 18 vs 3!
That should make clear why we really have to move on to Mesh!

If you have any questions or issues with this, let me know.

And I can’t resist ending this blog post by quoting the great Oliver Hardy…
“Well, here’s another nice MESH you’ve gotten me into!”
Get it?


Photo shows a Mesh street organ (left) and the old street organ (right), both made by Herr Mikki MIles.

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