The Winter Maskenball, a night to remember!


On december the 30th we had The Winter Maskenball!

A sort of Christmas, end of year and New Years eve party all rolled into one.

It was an amazing night.

For this evening the Odeon management had offered us the use of the majestic theatre and even removed the rows of seats for us.

We managed to book the famous Berliner Mondschein Tanz Orchester who played some of Herr Myron Byron his swingin’ tunes while we danced the night away.

The party lasted till the morning, couples dancing, chatting and enjoying some of the fantastic catering provided by, of course, Herr Clarrington.

Definitely a night to remember, one we will be telling our grandchildren about when they ask us; “What was Berlin like in the 1920s?”

Click here to see our Flickr Photoalbum.

The Berliner Mondschein Tanz Orchester on stage

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