Celebrating the tenants in 1920s Berlin who have lived here for over a year


The 1920s Berlin Project sim is very proud to have several tenants that have lived in our neighbourhood for over a year, some have even been part of the community for 2, even 3 years!

There are not that many sims that have such a loyal group of people who want to live in the same place for such a long time.

People see Berlin as a real city, they care about their neighbours, feel at home in their (often) tiny, damp, smelly apartments in noisy dirty streets.

Even those of us who also spend time in other sims always seem to feel attached to their little corner in good old Berlin.

We ware very proud of this.

We love it that Berlin has turned out to be such a success as a residential area, especially if I think back to when I started building the sim and had doubts about if anyone actually wanted to live here.

Yet all our apartments have been pretty much fully rented and lived in since day one.

From the first 4 room apartmentblock I build in 2009, to the almost 75 apartments we have today, almost always someone was living in them and we still have people running to the few apartments that become available now and then.

Our Real Estate mailing list has 235 (!) members, people who all want to remain updated every time something becomes available in our city.

That is good news, it makes us feel secure and excited about the future, something that is also not that common for sim owners.

People want to live in Berlin, without that the city would not be alive.

To thank, and quite frankly show off our long term tenants, I have created a portrait gallery in the stairwell of our city hall.

Everyone who has been living in our more then 2 years old sim (we opened in the summer of 2009) for longer then a year gets a ‘painted’ portrait in the sim but also on flickr and facebook.

They also get a copy of the ‘painting’, full perms.

So let us know as soon as your first anniversary as a tenant in Berlin is up and we’ll put your face up there for all to see 🙂

And when you see one of these long time tenants during your visit to Berlin, tip your hat, give them a wink and a smile.

They are one of the reasons Berlin is still here.

You can see the online Long Term Tenants gallery by clicking here.


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