Winter has come to 1920s Berlin!


Today it will start snowing in 1920s Berlin!

If you find that this makes your SL experience a bit laggy you can turn down particles and the snow will dissapear.

If you have a hardcore bakelite computer with Windows 1929, you can of course push the particles up and see it snow all over the city!
That should work!

So if your computer can handle it, pop over and see Unter den Linden turn white right after ‘Happy Hour’, around 3pm slt today.

It will stop snowing tomorrow at 2 pm slt because snow is laggy and uses up many prims.

The Spree will freeze over and you can get some free ice skates at the pier near the park!

This winter we will have an Ice Skate race and lots of other fun events.

We will also have another Berlin Winter theme photo contest!

The theme of the contest if (of course) ‘Winter in Berlin’.
The 1st price is 500 linden!!!

Please make sure you read our rules;
-You must make the snapshots in the 1920s Berlin Project.
-You must upload them to the 1920s Berlin Project flickr group;
(joining is free and easy and you won’t regret it, flickr is great for sharing your SL photos, and yes you can join without sharing your RL info with the world)
-Make sure you mention ‘nightlife contest’ in the description of the photo.
-Also make sure you ad the correct slurl, people who see your photo may decide to visit Berlin and thus you will be helping the project;

The winner will be chosen on january 8th, during Happy Hour in Der Keller!

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