Mesh not (yet) welcome in 1920s Berlin


You may have noticed the big ‘No Mesh’ sign at the Teleport area in 1920s Berlin.

From now on people wearing mesh clothing or mesh items are asked to change their outfits.

The main reason for this decision is that we have had several people visit our sim with mesh clothing but because most, or at least half the people in our sim do not yet use mesh viewers, to them these people with mesh look very unusual and not at all like someone they would meet in reality.

We promise you that mesh will come to Berlin soon, but till then we can’t allow it in.

It drives people mad, police are confronting people for wearing huge odd globes only to be told these people are wearing mesh 1920s clothing.
Berlin civilians keep calling the police to report these people.

Yet these people think they look fine.

Berlin will be ready for mesh when most of the people who live in this close community have moved on to a Mesh viewer that doesn’t crash their computers, causes SL to run much slower, etc.

As soon as Mesh is welcome in Berlin, we’ll let you know.

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  1. In my case, it wasn’t the viewer that crashed my computer. It was the new video driver that is not compatible with my hardware. I had to revert the driver just to keep my computer from crashing even when NOT in SL.

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  4. It seems wordpress linked my own blog entry about that topic. To be honest I am not happy with this, since it was my intention not to throw up dirt here.
    Sure, I could argument that at the time this article was written almost all v1 viewers are mesh capable and that mesh gowns are THE big leap ahead when it somes to realistic 20s fashion.
    I would understand you, when this article would have been written in a time when only very few beta viewers could render Mesh Objects.
    All these arguments have been written already over and over.


    It is your sim, your rules, your creation and you have every right to ban anyone you wish. I am not going to tell you what is right or wrong – it is your own place and I am here only a guest. Or would have been when it comes to inworld presence.

    My comment is not against you, it is against the “Oh no! Something new! Go Away!”-Attitude most people in SL are showing.

    I am sorry that wordpress linked my blog entry in your comments section. It was not my intention. I am not sorry for what I have written on my blog, since this is what I really do think about that topic, but still this is not a reason to throw dirt around on other peoples blogs.

  5. No worries, I don’t mind.
    (btw your blog won’t load for me)
    We’re not scared of mesh or anything new, we’re looking forward to working with it, but just not yet, not till most of the people in our sim have moved on to the new viewers.
    That will be soon, just not yet.

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