First class at Hindenburg School delights kids


Berlin is a city full of children, they rule the streets, have adventures, play games in the clubhouse and annoy the police.
But every sunday we an hour of school.
Different volunteer teachers share their knowledge with the inner city kids.

For this first class The Qi sisters taught their group about the weather, how boys should cut their hair and nails short and how you can be burned alive if you play with matches.
One boy, who shall not be named, was naughty and had to sit in the corner.
When he was refused permission to go to the toilet, he took a wee in the stove, causing children to scream and laugh while a smelly cloud of steam filled the room.
Luckily the naughty boy then escaped out the window and the lesson could continue.
Afterwards the children played in the schoolyard.

You can see the photos we made here in our Flickr photoalbum.

Pay attention kinder!

Pay attention kinder!

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