Town hall meeting report & chatlog


Last saturday we had a town hall meeting where the Berliners get to discuss the progress and situation of our sim, make suggestions, share ideas, etc.

Here is an (heavily edited) chatlog of that meeting;

[13:00] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Welcome Damen Und Herren
[13:00] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): this is one of our town hall meetings
[13:01] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): this is your chance to all talk together about berlin, the sim, ideas, problems, etc
[13:01] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): First let me talk a bit about the sim from my point of view
[13:01] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Berlin is doing ridicilously well

[13:01] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): thanks to the supporters, tenants and generous visitors we always reach our tiers
[13:02] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): thanks to all the cool cats we have many eventsΒ and the events are awesome
[13:02] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): the eldorado is doing better then I could even imagine

[13:02] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): even though I dont go there of course πŸ˜‰
[13:02] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): the community is strong, the people are great, etc
[13:03] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): anyway, one or two things about the future
[13:03] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): we are about to begin WEEKLY school classes for the kids
[13:03] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): the kids weekend was fantastic
[13:04] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): and it seems we have a few more kids hanging about
[13:04] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): that was our plan
[13:04] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): but we have to work to keep em here
[13:04] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): yeah at least some kids here every day
[13:04] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): so if you ever want to be a teacher for an hour at the school, let me know
[13:04] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): its mostly roleplay so you dont even have to be smart
[13:05] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): snorts
[13:05] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): also, the year is almost at an end
[13:05] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): soon we will start… 1929
[13:05] Adele Kling: Does that mean opium will be legal again come January 1st? πŸ˜€
[13:05] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley) grins
[13:06] Mila Edelman: You know who I am! i realize I’m probably giving MYSELF work by suggesting this, but I’d like to see an adoption agency/orphan’s home.
[13:06] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): bravoo!
[13:06] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Yes frl Kling, hide your coke till jan 1st πŸ˜‰
[13:06] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): and yes Mila, I agree but FIRST A SYNAGOGE πŸ˜‰
[13:06] Mila Edelman: I’ve been working on it all week. πŸ™‚
[13:06] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): and also, lets see if kids are still around by the ime we can build the orphanage
[13:07] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): and how many prims we have…
[13:07] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): first things first
[13:07] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Anyway, end of year means we need to have a party
[13:07] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): oh no… i hear you think
[13:07] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): but yes tiume to dress up, dance and get drunk
[13:08] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): the idea is to have a generic sort of christmas new years evening Ball at the Adlon
[13:08] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): somewhere at the end of december
[13:08] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): it will snow here when and if it snows in rl Berlin πŸ™‚
[13:08] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): so keep an eye on european weather πŸ™‚
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): last year I checked the berlin webcam every day before turning the snow on πŸ™‚
[13:09] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): when did the snow fall in Berlin 1929?
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): good question
[13:09] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): surely there must be statistics about that
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): I did look for old weather reports but couldnt find them
[13:09] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): we’re talking about germans
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): im sure they are online somewhere
[13:09] Mab Ashdene: Maybe there was no snow at all in 29.
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): eek!
[13:09] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): unlikely!
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): im sure there was, they had proper winters back then
[13:09] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): not the crap euro weather we have now
[13:09] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): so the modern global warming is deciding when snow will fall in 1929
[13:10] Mab Ashdene: yes
[13:10] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): let it snow!
[13:10] Lianne Michelle (thelianne): lol @ global warming.
[13:10] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes it will snow anyway
[13:10] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): either on the day it snowed in 1929 or the day it snows in RL
[13:10] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): if anyone can find 1920s weather reports for germany, let me know
[13:11] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): what else
[13:11] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): oh yes, well behind the scenes we’re working on a new website, the synagoge and a few more secrets
[13:11] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): cant say much about that
[13:11] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): also, today the new drug laws are operational
[13:11] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): so from now till jan 1st, keep your drugs hidden
[13:12] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): the cops have been looking forward to today since the may riots ended
[13:12] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): unless of course you enjoy being frisked by men in uniform
[13:12] Zarz Moonwall: does that include alcohol?
[13:12] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): no
[13:12] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): what is the working class coming to?
[13:13] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): i think thats about all I wanted to say from my side
[13:14] Mila Edelman: The new website and synagogue are moving as planned, so all good.
[13:14] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): right that means I’ll open the floor to the public
[13:14] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): if you have anything to say, ask, mumble, stick your hand up
[13:15] Zarz Moonwall: /raises hand
[13:15] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes?
[13:15] Zarz Moonwall: Will there be a kerstmarkt?
[13:15] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes, I think our baker has some plans
[13:16] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): do you know about that zeno?.
[13:16] Zeno McAuley: It’s already happened hasn’t it?
[13:16] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): there was one aduring the kids weekend
[13:16] Zeno McAuley: Morgan’s only spoken to me about a sled race in the new year
[13:16] Zeno McAuley: I think the Christmas Market’s been and gone
[13:16] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): but I heard bakerboy mumble something about doing it again, but as long as he has not officially talked about it, its not certain
[13:16] Mab Ashdene: There has to be snow first.
[13:16] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): ah right
[13:16] Zarz Moonwall: might be a nice opportunity to raise funds for an orphanage
[13:17] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): so the short answer is; ask morgan
[13:17] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): oh that would be a good idea
[13:17] Zarz Moonwall: thank you
[13:17] Frau Tequila (tequila.krovac): yes, I partuicipated in the winter market with a tarot reading booth
[13:17] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): we could have all sorts of events for the orphanage
[13:17] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): maybe another auction at the christmas ball
[13:18] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): will there be more excursions
[13:18] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes absolutely
[13:18] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): winter excusrions?
[13:18] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): it is a bit tricky to find locations that fit the “day out for berliners” theme
[13:18] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): but yes, they are good fun
[13:18] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): absolutely
[13:18] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): so i hope to organise a few again soon
[13:18] Zeno McAuley: Cutbert keeps promising to take us on a train ride
[13:18] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): like maybe a random forest
[13:19] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): go on a picknick
[13:19] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): in the woods or fields
[13:19] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): or visit a farm
[13:19] Mai Theda (hxhx20): with the kids! nice!!
[13:19] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): my request to you all is; go have a look at sims and if you find one that we can pass off as a day trip for city folk in 1929 berlin, tell me.
[13:20] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): once winter comes to berlin we will have snowfights, dog races, ice skating races, etc
[13:21] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): Is there any particular problem in Berlin that needs to be solved at the moment?
[13:21] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): no the murder has been solved
[13:21] Mab Ashdene: Tell us about Dead Stephanie!
[13:21] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): it was her husband and his brother
[13:22] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): let me read a newspaper clipping
[13:22] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

4 Dec 1929, Karlsruhe, Baden. Baden State authorities have announced that a plot to disrupt the government in Baden has been foiled. Plotters from Oberkirke have been been detained. Among the names listed are Fritz Waelder, Gustov and Wilhelm Helstein, Karl Roll, and Hans George. A cache of guns and bomb making material was recovered. There is a report that Wilhelm Helstein is wanted for questioning in the murder of his ex-wife in Berlin.
[13:23] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): the berlin police has worked together with undercover agents from frankfurt
[13:23] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): right under our noses
[13:23] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): Gott im Himmel!
[13:23] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): whatever happens with the murder case, it wont come to berlin till 1930….
[13:24] Frau Tequila (tequila.krovac): what was historically the penalty for murdering back in 1929?
[13:24] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): sort of depends on the case, the death penalty was not used in every case
[13:24] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): but yes, guillotine is a possibility
[13:27] Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire (walter.gedenspire): what is the housing situation?
[13:27] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): berlin is full, as always. Except for the hotel rooms πŸ™‚
[13:32] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): ok so everyone is happy with how everything is going, there are no issues?
[13:32] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): we have done loads of improvements this year since the last two meetings
[13:33] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes christmas is around the corner and I will put a tree up and some decorations
[13:33] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): so now i am thinking about what would be good to focus on now? apart from different events to keep Berlin a busy sim?
[13:33] Vera Le Blanc (maliciousvirus.hartunian): Hm, might be a Cabaret Americana Returns! show and PERHAPS a Christmas Spectacular!
[13:33] Zeno McAuley: There WILL be
[13:33] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes more cabaret is always good!
[13:33] Zeno McAuley: and we have a concert on the 18th and a Christmas open stage coming up
[13:34] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): i think the sim has found a great routine, like daily life, things going on as usual
[13:34] Zeno McAuley: sled race just after new year
[13:34] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): if there is snow
[13:34] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): besides keeping events going, the daily life here is picking up very well
[13:34] Zeno McAuley: and Byron doing a special happy hour before Christmas
[13:35] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): the main problem i think
[13:35] Zeno McAuley: Jo, we could do with seeing who’ll be around when for a Christmas/New Year ball
[13:35] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): is that we all have so much RL
[13:35] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): were also still working on improving some sort of work system here in berlin, so you can work for money or stuff or whatever
[13:35] Zeno McAuley: Just generally
[13:35] Vera Le Blanc (maliciousvirus.hartunian): Hm, yes.. perhaps we should have a singles night? That’d rile up the christmas spirit.
[13:35] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): so we can’t be as active as we would wish
[13:35] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): here in Berlin
[13:36] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): i like the singles idea, as an event
[13:36] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): a match making service would do very well here
[13:36] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): bring over single men from other sims
[13:36] Vera Le Blanc (maliciousvirus.hartunian): I’ll go to mock men and be bitter! It’ll be fun and fantastic!
[13:36] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): always a good idea
[13:36] Vera Le Blanc (maliciousvirus.hartunian): Sure to dredge up Cabaret material.
[13:37] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): i also want to organise regular swimming hours
[13:37] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): its so easy to do, just say :then and then is swimming hour, no extra work and people all come over and have a swim
[13:38] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): well although traffic is pretty good, we should always keep working on bringing new people in
[13:38] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): especially single men
[13:38] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): also more men in dresses for the eldorado
[13:39] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): PR is working a charm for the sim
[13:40] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): this sim has very good PR
[13:40] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): lots of things been written about it
[13:40] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): many have heard about it
[13:40] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): the blog, facebook, flickr – all good PR
[13:41] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): maybe we should think about something like kids weekend but to bring in other people, not kids
[13:41] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): the retired weekend
[13:41] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Id LOVE more old people
[13:44] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): anyway, anything else we need to discuss?

[13:45] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): Berlin is alive and well and looks with happiness at the future
[13:45] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): yes πŸ™‚
[13:45] Mab Ashdene: well good

[13:46] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): oh and not just is Berlin doing very well, it is doing very well when many other sims are doing badly and especially roleplay sims are struggling, so its extra good that its doing well πŸ™‚
[13:46] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): yes
[13:46] Charika Bauer (charikathyme): that is true
[13:47] Frau Tequila (tequila.krovac) claps
[13:47] Pola Solo: Yay!
[13:47] Zeno McAuley: Hurrah!
[13:47] Adele Kling: That is very true!
[13:47] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): lets hope that 1930 brings us even more fun, perhaps another sim for me to build and a new macbook, amen πŸ˜‰
[13:47] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): any new boxing game planned?
[13:47] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): YES!
[13:47] Zeno McAuley: I want to have a tournament for locals
[13:48] Zeno McAuley: But I’m not sure there are enough of us
[13:48] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): ive been talking about a new match to mr moustache
[13:49] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): but yes, boxing match, another horse race game and I also want to set up a card game….
[13:49] Zeno McAuley: Maybe we could have a tournament
[13:49] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): i did see a nice picture of women wrestling in germany at the turn of the century
[13:49] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): by Herr Zille
[13:51] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): anyway, if there are no other issues or comments I suggest we end the meeting
[13:51] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): PLEASE remind me when you think its been too long since we’ve had one of these
[13:51] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): because i always forget
[13:51] Lily (lily.karlsbar) has entered the region.
[13:52] Rosemary Chesnokova (msrosemarythyme): every three months is quite all right?
[13:52] Frau Jo Yardley (jo.yardley): Damen und Herren, thanks for coming!

Town Hall meeting - photo by Rosemary Chesnokova

Town Hall meeting - photo by Rosemary Chesnokova

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