Exciting farewell to drugs night at Eldorado turns bloody during Police raid!


Every saturday at 3pm the Eldorado bar opens its doors.
This club, based on a real 1920s Berlin location, was/is very friendly towards gays, transvestites, and all who have an lifestyle society sometimes frowns upon.

On saturday the 10th of december 1929 the drug laws in Berlin got a lot stricter and many of the often used drugs have now become illegal.
To say goodbye to an era the Eldorado organised an extra special evening.
The delightful frl Solwina Faulkes danced on stage while asking the audience questions about all sorts of subjects.
For every good question she removed an item of clothing and also offered the winner a good old snort of cocaine.
There was quite a pile that had to be used up because of the new law.
Unfortunately the police was sort of expecting this, or perhaps someone informed them, but they organised a raid on the Eldorado.
During the show suddenly police men stormed the building trough both the front- and back door.
Most guests and employees were searched and a few were arrested and taken to the police station.
Among them the famous Sonatta M. and her piano player Max B.
A large pile of now illegal drugs were found and everyone arrested were told they would spend the night in a cell.
Some of the more experienced prisoners enjoyed themselves, someone smuggled champagne into the cell, people danced and somehow Max also ended up in his underpants.

Unfortunately other people in the neighbourhood felt they had to come liberate these law breakers and when some well known ‘gentlemen’ forced their way into the police station and a shot was fired.
Herr Walter G. was taken to hospital where he will have to stay for a week.
It is not yet clear if he will receive a fine or even jail time for his actions.
Visitors are welcome at the hospital.

We hope that everybody now knows that the police take all laws seriously, no matter if they are only a few hours old.
We also hope that the new drugs put an end to the horrible opium dens where people smoke their lives away.

You can see the shocking photos here in our Flickr Album.

Polizei!Let me out!

Let me out!

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