School is starting for kids in 1920s Berlin



From this sunday onwards there will be school EVERY week in the Hindenburg Schule here in Berlin.
We will try and find you all a teacher for every class, but you never know what or who you will get.

Maybe it is reading, math, history, you’ll just have to show up!

So, every sunday at noon slt there will be class at the school, a great reason to meet your other friends in Berlin, go outside and play afterwards or join us all in church that starts at 1pm slt (followed by free soup and other goodies at the soup kitchen).

The teachers will all be poor local volunteers, so I have given them a tip jar on the desk.
So if your parents can afford it, do ask them for a few coins so you can tip your teacher if you enjoy the class and also so we can buy coal to heat the school in winter.

We hope to see you on sunday!

Achtung Kinder!

Achtung Kinder!

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