Winner of photo contest announced


Recently the 1920s Berlin contest organised a photo contest; 500 linden reward for the best picture with the theme “Children of 1920s Berlin”.

People from all over Second Life came to our little neighbourhood to try and capture the winning snapshot, especially during the famous ‘Kids’ weekend’ the city was crowded with children running around  the city and having lots of adventures.

The perfect moment to grab your Brownie Box camera and make some great pictures for the contest.

We received a bunch of great photos in our special 1920s Berlin Kids Flickr group (click here to visit it) and it was very tricky to find a winner.

In the end we choose this photo;

The winning photo by Kara Trapdoor

The winning photo by Kara Trapdoor

We choose this photo because it is very well made but also captures the theme of the contest very well and is very inviting to people who have not yet visited 1920s Berlin.

This is what 1920s Berlin is all about and what it could offer those of us interested in roleplaying a child.

A nice bonus for us is that we are about to start regular school classes in Berlin and this picture is great advertising for that too.

But we also decided to choose a runnerup, simply because we were so impressed with the pictures this young lady send in.

The runner up by Estellybellyjellybean

The runner up by Estellybellyjellybean

As she has no rezzing permissions in Berlin, she had to pose, time and balance all the props perfectly for each photo.

The bike, the hat flying off her head, she is wearing those and balancing it all while racing down those steps dangerously close to the water.


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