Give Second Life 24 hour days!


It may sound weird but days in Second Life are nothing like the days in reality and only last a few hours!

The current cycle is 3 hours of daylight followed by 1 hour of night, even if you use the new Estate-level Windlight controls.

But Berlin tries to be a realistic roleplay sim, we want you to experience life as it is and that means 24 hour days, days get shorter in winter, skies turn grey, etc.

To add a little bit of realism to our sim the poor old sim managers have to visit twice a day and manually turn the sun on or off!

Because they have to do this they rarely have a chance to set it to dawn, dusk or something else.

And we hate that it is either day or night in Berlin but it is all we can do at the moment.

Second Life has these wonderful windlight settings, environment editors, etc.

We can choose the most awesome day- and night settings for Berlin… but the days would still last only 3 hours!

That means the sun will come up and go down again while we are still drinking at the bar or dancing at the Eldorado!

It just isn’t very realistic for a sim where life goes on 24 hours a day, not just Berlin of course but any sim in SL where they would like days and nights to last longer or shorter then they do now.

The only way to get Linden Labs to look at this and possibly change it is by signing something called a Jira.

The more people vote, the more likely it will be that someone actually looks at this issue.

Please follow this link, sign in with your SL information (this is an official SL website) and click Vote (right side of the screen, under the heading ‘people’) ;

And who knows, one day a day may actually last as long as a… day!

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