Photo Contest in 1920s Berlin, win 500L$!


Dear people of Berlin, tourists, guests and visitors.

We are having a Photo contest in Berlin around the theme;
“Children of 1920s Berlin”.

You can choose any subject you like as long as a child, or children and our city here are in the frame.

Use your imagination, show everyone the kind of adventures, fun or just daily chores kids can experience in our sim.

The rules;
-You can adapt, improve or play with the snapshots in photosop or with other software.
-No nudity, adult subjects or anything that is against SL rules.
-No modern (post 1920s) subjects, clothes, objects, etc.
-Snapshot must be taken in the 1920s Berlin Project sim.
-Contest closes on November 30th, pictures received after this date will not be judged.
-Winner will be anounced on December 1st.
-Photo may be used by us for PR.

To take part;
-Upload your snapshots to this Flickr Group;
Make sure you add the correct slurl to its description;

If there is any trouble uploading, contact me.

Jo Yardley
The 1920s Berlin Project

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