NEW emergency system



The 1920s Berlin Project tries to give every visitor a realistic but also relaxed and trouble free experience in our sim.
Griefers, Nazi’s and other trouble makers can ruin your visit.

To try and keep this kind of trouble to a minimum you can contact our sim managers and police members.

If you are being harassed or troubled otherwise, find a telephone and call 1111.
There is a public phone at the end of Unter den Linden (across from the Brandenburg gate) and one outside the Alexanderplatz station where you arrived.
Calling the police costs you 1 linden, but this will be returned to you after you’ve made the call.
You can also find the Emergency button at the police station on Dorotheenstrasse 1 or contact the group via chat.

When you make an emergency call please state the nature of your emergency, you have to do this in one sentence or you’ll have to call again.
As soon as you’ve told us what is happening an IM is send to several sim managers and all the members of our police force, online or offline and they will come as soon as possible.

If you have a roleplay emergency, such as you’ve been burgled, car accident, etc., you can call the police station at 1112.
If nobody is answering and you really think some cops should come and check out what happened, you can use the emergency 1111 number but make sure you mention that this is a roleplay emergency.
If managers and cops come responding in force and discover it is for a roleplay situation and not a real sim emergency because you forgot to mention this, you can be in a lot of trouble.

For any questions or non urgent cases you can always send an IM to
Wachtmeister Danitz

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