New old building on corner of Friedrichstrasse and Mittelstrasse.


Recently a building in the 1920s Berlin sim was rebuild.
The new (yet old) building is actually 3 buildings very close together in a poor neighbourhood of the city.
The main building is a rather old home, 2 floors and an attic.
Across the old gate is a small one room apartment and in a side room an artist has his workshop.
The lovely easel, made by Happi Jansma, can be used to ‘paint’ all sorts of authentic 1920s art.
More painting will be added and in the future you can perhaps have your portrait painted there or buy paintings.

The building is part of the typical old neighbourhood of Berlin where people lived in extreme poverty.
Most of old Berlin is now destroyed by “progress” and war.

You are welcome to come look inside the artists studio, the two other apartments are private residences.

You can see some pictures in our Flickr Album by clicking here.

The new buildings

The new buildings

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