Shocking night of debauchery at the Eldorado


Every saturday at 3pm the Eldorado bar opens its doors.
This club, based on a real 1920s Berlin location, was/is very friendly towards gays, transvestites, and all who have an lifestyle society sometimes frowns upon.

On October the 2nd our own Berlin DJ herr Myron Byron entertained a busy club with lot of fantastic records.
The atmosphere was great and exciting, perhaps a little too exciting because suddenly infamous pianist Max B. started taking his clothes off without missing a note.
This to the delight of some and horror of others.
Technically the Police look the other way when it comes to ‘naughty’ shows on stage at the Eldorado or in the shadows of the balcony upstairs.
But a man undressing in public without even being on stage was more then the Police could accept.
It didn’t take long for the Police to hear about what was going on and soon Max was dragged away, gladly after being given a chance to get dressed.
Max was locked up for a few days, but as he said; “I’m doing this for the Eldorado, all is fair in love and art!”

And as if Berlin had not seen enough drama this night a lady who shall remain nameless left the Eldorado very upset, mentioning she would throw herself in the Spree.
Luckily our priest went out in the middle of the night to talk to her sitting on the edge of the canal and as far as we know no bodies were found in the water the next day.

The police will be keeping an even closer eye on the Eldorado from now on.

You can find the photos of this night of debauchery in our Flickr album by clicking here.

Max & Morales, the wild couple

Max & Morales, the wild couple

A lesson learned?

A lesson learned?


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