Leica camera for sale in Berlin with exclusive discount and sim support!


Fraulein Stephanie Helstein has created a fantastic Leica camera that you can use anywhere in Berlin to make great pictures.

The camera costs only 300 linden but the people of Berlin get a special deal!
If you buy this camera in the Biberkopf department store on Unter den Linden you get it for 200 linden… and half of that goes to the sim!
So you get a cool camera with a discount and help the 1920s Berlin Project in one go!

You can find the Biberkopf Department store inbetween the Office building and the court hall.

This kit contains several versions of the camera. All of them are intended to be attached to your right hand. Just wear the new one to switch cameras. There are versions with the lens extended and retracted. There is a version with the lens cap attached. Some versions that have a Fodis attached. Included are versions (with and without Fodis) that are scripted for taking pictures.

There is also a Fodis you can wear on your left hand, and camera case you can wear on your right shoulder.

Leica camera for sale at Biberkopf

Leica camera for sale at Biberkopf


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