My SL Evolution

My avatar, 2007-2011

My avatar, 2007-2011 (click for larger version on Flickr)

These pictures show my avatar has changed over the years since joining Second Life, the virtual online world.

I joined first in january 2007, looked around for a day or two and ran off screaming.
Second Life appeared to be a horrendous place full of nakedness, vulgarity and boring things like shopping and chatting.

I rejoined again in february 2009 (new avatar) just to try my new laptop, I wanted to see if it could handle Second Life.
It could but SL was still as horrible as the firs time… but just before I left I tried the search button to look for something I do find interesting; history.
And I found a whole new world, the vintage scene in SL.
I spend a few evenings listening to old music and chatting to people who also loved the first half of the 20th century.
By then I realised THE big secret of SL: It is what you make of it.
Within a week or so, without any experience, I started building my own sim; the 1920s Berlin Project.

Anyway, that all explains a bit what you see above.

On the far left you see my very first avatar in 2007.
No skin, freebie hair, basic body, didn’t look like anything much.
I never really cared about the avatar appearance much.

The second picture is me pretty much the first week or so when I re-joined SL in february 2009.
I already wanted the avatar to look like RL me as much as possible.
So I bought a vintage dress, vintage hair and was very lucky to find a free vintage skin.
The body was handmade with the SL software and I was a bit annoyed at how she was prettier and slimmer then me.

The second picture was soon after I started building my 1920s Berlin project.
Still the same skin but a slightly better bodyshape, a lovely Sonatta Morales dress (the best kind) and a cigarette in my hands.

In the last picture you see my avatar as she is now.
Much more realistic for a woman my age who spends her life working hard in a dark dirty bar in Berlin 1929.

As you can see, I am not one who likes change and not very fain or interested in my appearance anyway.
Generally I don’t even change my outfit.

The biggest change my avatar has made is scale.
As soon as I started building I realised I was much taller then a 2 meter tall prim and got annoyed.
I care about realism and want my avatar to be like me.
So I am now a 1.80cm tall avatar, and thus tiny compared to most people…

In the future I hope to make my avatar look even more like me, perhaps even with my RL skin.

Want to see my avatar in SL, I’m behind the bar of Der Keller every day at 2pm in the 1920s Berlin Project.
You can visit this sim by following this link; Berlin/236/232/751

Collection made for the topic on Harper Beresford’s blog;
and the topic on the SL forum;

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