Sleeping in SL (closing your avatars eyes)


I enjoy “sleeping” in Berlin.
It took me a while to figure out how I could close my eyes while doing so without getting some special hud.
People sleeping with their eyes wide open always looks a bit weird!
I often notice other people still sleeping with their eyes open so I was wondering if perhaps it might be nice to share how I got my avatar to close her eyes.
If there are other, easier options, or huds, let us know!

This is the way I figured out;

-Go to the appearance editing window.
-Before doing anything save your current appearance under the name ‘awake’.
-In the tab ‘shape’ select the button ‘eyes’.
-Set the ‘eye size’ and ‘eye opening’ to 0.
-Tweak some of the other eye options to get the eyes “closed” just as you want them to look.
-Your avatar’s eyes should now be closed, or as good as avatars in SL can close them anyway.
-Save this appearance under the name ‘asleep’.

Now every time you want to go to sleep simply double click the bodyshape ‘asleep’ in your inventory and ‘awake’ to wake up again.

Not only is this fun for roleplay, satisfying to see when your avatar goes to bed but also fun for photos.
And because the eyes still work, you get this funny “Rapid Eye Movement” effect.
Poor avatar, I hope they have nice dreams!

Got a picture of your avatar sleeping?

Add it to our Flickr group here.

Sleeping in Second Life.

Sleeping in Second Life.

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