Melu Deco releases special items exclusive to Berlin shop!


Melu Deco releases a new couch!
A special edition is exclusive for the Berlin shop!

Melu Deco shop in Berlin renewed its offer!
The outstanding new piece is the Venice Couch. It’s made according to original 1920s shapes and materials; its fan shaped back and its cushions upholstery represent the 1920s state-of-art of Art Deco style.
Melu Deco did its best effort to offer such a rich piece limiting prims number to the incredible figure of only 6!

It comes in many versions (different woods and upholstery), but Berlin customers will get a premiere, a SPECIAL RELEASE of the coiuch, whose upholstery is printed with the wonderful colors of the linden leaves and of the autumn sky of Berlin!

Come to see it and the other new stuff at Melu Deco Store in Berlin, Alexanderplatz 6

Venice couch-Berlin

Venice couch-Berlin

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