Important announcement for (future) tenants


Dear Berliners,

Due to the situation in Berlin regarding housing shortages, the German government has made the following decision:

From now onwards, people living in Berlin will be restricted to renting only one living space (apartment, house, shed, etc), unless another apartment has been available for over ten (10) days, in which case they may rent this, as well.

We do this to give more people an opportunity to live in Berlin and be part of the community, which is our ultimate goal. Up until today, we have allowed people to rent as much as they want. Several tenants in Berlin own more than one apartment, mostly because they need the extra prims. Several people have done this and we do/did not mind at all.

However, after having thought about this for a long time, we have decided that it is better for the sim to give more people a chance at living here. Residential spaces rented just for their prims are empty homes that could be decorated houses where people live that spend time in Berlin and increase our community and traffic.

After all, it is good for everyone if the city is a full, active community, and not a place with empty houses.

This decision to put some rules on how much people can rent is NOT based on any case or person in particular. Multiple rentals have been allowed for years.

This new law has no effect on commercial rentals, only residential spaces where someone else could be living.

If you already have more than one (1) residential space at the moment, don’t worry. You can keep them, but we would appreciate if you have a think about them and reconsider if you really need the prims. If you would like to rent extra prims, or are already doing so, consider becoming a “Berlin Sponsor.” That way, you can be listed in our hall as such, and you can negotiate for extra prims as part of your sponsorship, without taking up an extra residential space. Contact me if you have any questions.

Also, remember that if another residential space becomes available, you may not be able to rent it right away because you already own multiple places. That dream house (or slum) may slip trough your fingers if you already have more than one rental.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Jo Yardley
Oskar Eddenbaum
The 1920s Berlin Project

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