Entire sim stolen by thieves!


I always knew there were scumbags with no morals at all out there who don’t have enough creativity, ability, patience or decency to build their own things.
So called ‘copybots’ have been stealing stuff left right and center and others have simply stolen themes because they couldn’t think of their own or were banned from similar sims… 😉

But I was shocked to hear that some lowlife actually nicked an entire sim!
And not just any sim, but one of the nicest sims in SL; Vintage Village.
Made by Oriolus Oliva, owner of Verdigris, a good old friend of the 1920s Berlin Project.

Yep, someone just copied most of his stuff and stuck it in a new sim!
The cheek!

I was lucky enough to have a look before (surprisingly) Linden Labs shot into action quickly and removed most of the stolen stuff.

More about this story;

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