Working Telephone system installed in Berlin!


Deutschen Reichspost
Postamt Berlin
Alexanderplatz 5

2nd september 1929

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

From today onwards a new Telephone system will become effective in the city of Berlin.
Thanks to the always impressive progress of technology we can now offer you a whole new way of communication.

At this moment there are 7 new telephones in your neighbourhood, more will be added later.
Soon it will also be possible for individuals to purchase a telephone!
Imagine the luxery of being able to call anyone in the city from the comfort of your living room!

Please remember the following rules before dialing;
-Don’t be rude to the telephone exchange girl
-Speak clearly and slowly
-Telephones remain the property of the Deutschen Reichspost
-Damaging Telephones will be reported to the Polizei

There are two types of telephones in Berlin; public and private.
Public phones won’t work until you’ve put a 1 Reichslinden coin in them.
Private phones are not for public use, if you use a private phone that is not yours without permission of its owner you could be reported to the Polizei.

When using a public phone simply click the phone to pay 1 Reichslinden.
If the person you are calling is not home or if you click return, the coin will be given back.
Click the Telephone, you will be connected to the Telephone Exchange fraulein who ask you who you want to be connected with.
A list of all current numbers is available at the Post office.
Choose the number and wait to be connected.
Once you are connected simply talk to the telephone.
If you decide to end the call, click the phone again and tell the operator that you want to disconnect.

Current list of Telephone numbers in Berlin;
1111) Polizei
1247) Wachtruppe kaserne
1795) Stadthalle Fr. Yardley
1894) Postamt (public)
2508) Unter den Linden Phonebooth (public)
3952) Cafe Elektric (public)
4093) Hotel Adlon
4421) Clarrington Enterprises

Do NOT contact us about getting a telephone for yourself or your company at this moment.
We are testing the current system and once we are ready to provide telephones for everyone in the city we will let you know.

Fraulein Kira Korbitza
Fernsprechvermittlung Deutschen Reichspost Berlin


Telephone booth on Unter den Linden

When a new phone system was created for Berlin I wanted to put a 1920s phone box in the city.
It was very hard to find images I could use because there were not that many boxes around back then and the few photos I did find were generally low quality and without colour.
I was lucky to discover that there were still one or two of these boxes around and had been photographed by police because vandals had damaged them!
These pictures helped me find more images and also discover the colours of the box.
It took me approx 5 hours to create the box.

Reality vs Virtuality

Reality vs Virtuality

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