“Romance” in Berlin



Your eyes meet across the Keller, and before you know it you’re dancing cheek to cheek, your hands all over each other, the dodgy schnapps you’ve been drinking all evening inflaming your passions.

When the music stops, you don’t wish to part. but she has nowhere to stay in Berlin, and you can’t possibly take her back to your place, can you?

That’s where the new Berlin Romantic Attic comes in! (We use the word ‘romantic’ in it’s loosest sense.

Find the door in the grubby alley behind the baker’s (Althaus Gasse 4) and you can tp to a sparse lobby. Here, pay the teleporter and it will take you to the Romantic Attic, where you will find everything you need to entertain a friend in the style you know you want to!

Rentable by the quarter hour, half hour, three-quarters of an hour or full hour. Period extendable! Privacy guaranteed!

Have fun!


Come knocking...

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