Big Prims available NOW!


Without any announcement LL has made BIG prims (and mesh) available in SL.

If you are not a builder this may mean nothing to you, but it will have an impact on your adventures in SL (and thus 1920s Berlin), so let me explain it a little bit.

Everything in SL is build with building blocks called ‘Prims’, you can only use a certain amount of prims per area to build stuff.

Berlin has 15000 prims, that may seem like a lot but we are always short on them.

The biggest you can make these prims is was 10x10x10 meters, from today onwards we can make them 64x64x64 meters!
MUCH bigger!

In the olden days we used ‘Megaprims’, weird dodgy giant prims someone once made but that you couldn’t do much with.
One tiny adjustment and they would implode.

LL has also released Mesh, without getting too much into this I’ll just very simply explain those as ‘extra deluxe sculpties’.
They will eventually change everything about SL.

Anyway, Mesh is something that will take (me) a while to figure out and I won’t be using it in 1920s Berlin till everyone has gotten used to it and we have a nice new viewer that can handle them.
So don’t hold your breath for them to change anything in Berlin soon.

BUT bigger prims are a builders dream come true.

I will now rebuild certain bits of Berlin and thus free up a few prims for us to do something else with.

I can’t tell you yet how many prims this will give us or what we will do with them, but it is a very good thing.

More freedom for me as a builder to make Berlin better!

You will not notice much of the building, just crazy Dutch woman running about.

Here are 2 pictures that explain a little how this has already freed up 2 more prims in Berlin within an hour of Big Prims being available;


On this BEFORE picture you see that this building top block used 3 prims, I had to build it that way to match up with the texture I was using and I couldn't use the old Megaprims because you could only use those for certain sizes and not adapt them.


This is the AFTER picture, the 3 prims have been replaced by one new prim. You don't see a difference but Berlin has 2 new fresh prims to do something else with!

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