Trip outside the city!



This event is meant for those of us who can not afford to go on holidays.
Maybe you have to work too much or perhaps you just can’t afford it.

The Gesellschaft für Philanthropischer Berliner (Society for Philantropic Berliners) feels that every man, woman and child deserves a break now and then, regardless of class, political or religious background.
Not only does it refreshen the spirit, it also enlightens the mind and stimulates the intellect.

To offer everyone the opportunity to experience the world outside of Berlin the GPB has decided to organise occasional day trips for all.

This trip will not take very long (1 hour, give or take) and we won’t go very far.
There is no need to bring sleeping bags or overnight clothes.
Just put on some walking shoes and bring some lunch.

The trip is absolutely free.

Interested in joining us on a little journey outside of the city?
Report in the main hall of station Berlin Alexanderplatz, this saturday at noon slt.

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