Scale & proportion in Second Life


You probably know that scale and proportion in ‘Second Life are completely messed up.

For some strange reason LL has given us avatars that are much too big and a camera that makes it hard to be anywhere with a low ceiling.

It always frustrated me that the real SL scale, the one we use to build things, did not match the avatar scale.

You build a prim that is 1.80 meters tall and you realise you are much taller!

So I spend a lot of time trying to get my avatar to look more realistic (and thus short for SL standards) and when I began building 1920s Berlin I tried to get as close to realistic scale as possible.

More and more people in SL are trying to get this fixed.

LL should at least make all starter avatars have a realistic scale or make the avatar editor better so people at least KNOW they are making their avatar unrealistically tall.

Anyway, someone fighting the good fight is  who has written an excellent blog about the subject that explains why it is important that we fix this and how you can make your own properly scaled avatar.

Have a look at these;

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