New hope for Zepp orphan?


Not a soul in Berlin Mitte has not heard the rumours surrounding poor orphan Friedrich Zepp.

After a childhood full of sorrow and pain most of us can barely imagine we were all used to seeing the quiet little boy play with his marbles outside Hindenburg Schule.

Never speaking, rarely moving, he just sat there as people walked by and children went in and out of the school.

The orphanage where he lives tried to send him to school many times but little Friedrich would always just wander outside again.

A few days ago something happened that may finally change this boys life.

Oberwachtmeister Danitz, the police officer who was the one to find little baby Friedrich and what remained of his family on that horrible day that has been etched into our memories since 1919, has somehow managed to get Friedrich to stay in the school.

The big strong grumpy and much hated police officer has kept an eye out for the fragile little child and often spend time talking to him on his daily rounds.

We are not sure what they have been talking about but Friedrich has put his marbles away and spend most of his time in the class room of Hindenburg Schule.

It is true, he still does not speak and spends much of his time sleeping.

But it is an improvement, now he may pick up some of the lessons and at least no longer spends all his time outside.

Zepp boy in class

Zepp boy in class

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