Miss Berlin 1929


On the 13th of August Berlin got ready to choose the next Miss Berlin!

During a spectacular evening at the Odeon theatre, organised by our own multi talented Frau Gstone McAuley, sponsored by Jazz Baby Productions and perfectly presented by the well known Herr Glen Fairport, pretty frauleins took to the stage.

To the delight of the audience the ladies participated in a swimwear-, talent- and evening gown round.

Even though a few rather laughable activists tried to get some attention by shouting and demonstrating, a great evening was enjoyed by all.

After the public voted  and waited a few anxious moments, the new Miss Berlin 1929 was announced; Fraulein Pola Solo!

Voting had been very difficult as all the contestants, Pola Solo, Rosemary Thyme, FlubbyDover Peapod and Jelena Matova, were very talented and looked stunning!

You can see pictures of this event by visiting our photoalbum.

Miss Berlin

Miss Berlin 1929

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  1. we are not demonstrating for your entertainment, we demonstrate to show up poverty and bad circumstances in Berlin and you and the upper class have not more todo then celebrating your own narcissistic

    we come back !!! 🙂

  2. Most of the people taking part in that show and in the audience that evening were WORKING classes, poor and living in worse circumstances then you.
    That is why they needed the entertainment, to be taken away from reality for a few moments, to escape the harsh world outside.
    You ruined that.
    We have a lot more to do, we work day and night to feed our children, so yes then we deserve a hour of entertainment if you don’t mind.
    We don’t need strangers to remind us of what life is like in this neighbourhood.

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