Verfassungstag – the day after


Yesterday we celebrated Verfassungstag in 1920s Berlin, the signing of the Weimar constitution.

This day was supposed to replace all the old national patriotic holidays of the German Empire before the war and also help the Germans see the new republic as a proper country.

It was a doomed enterprise as most people either wanted the old Germany back or were dreaming of a new Communist or Nazi Germany.

Realising that the Weimar Republic HAD to succeed a lot of effort was put into celebrating the constitution.

In 1929, the year in our sim, Germany celebrated the 10th anniversary of this event and we recreated it here in Berlin.

A replica of the temporary scaffolding and fabric made monument on Parisenplatz was put in the same spot and a lot of effort was put into creating a military ceremony and themed Open stage.

Of course we did not get the many thousands of people that took place in the celebrations in RL 1929 Berlin but a good crowd of people made their way to Unter den Linden and it was actually exciting to see the brave lads of our army and navy march towards us.

And when we moved on to the Odeon the idea behind the Weimar Republic and what could have been had it not ended in 1933 made the whole moment  a bit touching.
Poems about the war and the great Lady Lydia singing ‘Die Wacht am Rhein”  while everyone stood up was a very special moment.

Followed by some great jokes, music and dancing to lift our spirits.

Another exciting day in Berlin.

More information about Verfassungstag here;

Verfassungstag Wikipedia (German)

Article in Time Magazine

Photos of this event can be found on Flickr

Troops marching on Unter den Linden

Troops marching on Unter den Linden

military ceremony

Military ceremony

The monument

The monument

Father Helendale on stage

Father Helendale on stage

Lady Lydia sings 'Die Wacht am Rhein'

Lady Lydia sings 'Die Wacht am Rhein'

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